Build up african sport

African sport has enormous potential. Already, it has produced many incredible athletes who people love all over the world. It can grow even larger by providing African sports organizations with world-class knowledge, tools, and insights.

Sports Redeem is a Zimbabwe-based sport agency that provides communities with a global pool of experts who have experience at developing every aspect of sport including athletes, coaches, policies, events, marketing, and more. We offer advice and resources for sports organizations, clubs, and teams to boost athletic performance and increase revenue.


Definition: physical activity engaged in for play


Definition: to change for the better

The name came from our hope to bridge the gap between sports and entrepreneurship, and to help different stakeholders make the most of their investment in sports.

Our Story

In April 2020, Violet Jubane combined her love of sports with her passion for entrepreneurship into a business idea: Sports Redeem. After witnessing a lot of sports organizations, athletes, and sports clubs struggling to finance their operations, Sports Redeem is available to help unlock revenue streams and other available business opportunities. It would help sports organizations, athletes, and patrons achieve their goals – and maximum rewards – from their investment in sport.

Sports Redeem will focus on its core services of sport consultancy, sporting events, and market research. However, it is open to providing any sports-related solutions that may be needed.

We are located in Gweru, the central city of Zimbabwe, but our audience goes beyond borders. As long as an organization wants to implement sports projects in Zimbabwe, in Africa, and even beyond, we can help.


Founder & Director
FIFA Panel of Experts – Women’s Football
Confederation of African Football (CAF) Match Coordinator
Master of Intellectual Property Student – Africa University
FIFA Master – International Master in Management , Law and Humanities of Sport
2021 Momentum G-Sport Awards Finalist – African Women in Sport nominee
2019 Mandela Washington Fellow in Business Leadership – Lehigh University


Sports Redeem aims to transform African sports, boost its sustainability, and build an interdependent sports ecosystem by integrating world-class entrepreneurship ideas into sports management.


We are dedicated to helping African sports organisations reach their full potential by walking with them through their journey. We share inspiring business ideas, access to disruptive technology, and forecasts on future trends.

An Adrenaline Solutions Partner

Sports Redeem is a proud partner of Adrenaline Solutions, a global sport development agency that works exclusively with sport organizations. They enable us to tap the minds and skills of consultants around the world.

Case Study

Women Empowerment in African Sports

In Zimbabwe and other parts of Africa, female athletes have struggled to find institutional support in sports. Hoping to change the situation, the FARE Network provided a Black Lives Matter grant to Sports Redeem. The UK-based NGO brings together individuals, formal groups, and organisations driven to fight inequality in soccer.


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Gweru, Zimbabwe