Black Women Lead in African Sports

Black Lives Matter


In Zimbabwe and other parts of Africa, female athletes have struggled to find institutional support in sports. Hoping to change the situation, the FARE Network provided a Black Lives Matter grant to Sports Redeem. The UK-based NGO brings together individuals, formal groups, and organisations driven to fight inequality in soccer.


With the grant, Sports Redeem proposed a conference, under the theme Black Women Lead, which targeted women in sports to discuss challenges being faced by women for them to occupy leadership positions and to influence decision making in the world of sports.


Sports Redeem all the aspects of the event including:

  • Forum Program – developed discussion topics and chose speakers that would spark ideas
  • Invitations – secured influential speakers and participants for the forum
  • Stage Management – ensured that the program flow is smooth and efficient
  • Collaterals – produced the t-shirts and other materials for the event


The event attracted participants with diverse backgrounds as players, referees, coaches and sports administrators. 26 women came to discuss their situation and concluded the event by proposing projects that can be implemented to overcome the challenges that are affecting women in sport.

Women empowerment programmes remain a priority for Sports Redeem. Violet, the founder of Sports Redeem is passionate about seeing more women occupying leadership positions and through these initiatives, she guarantees to continue on women empowerment programs.


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Gweru, Zimbabwe