With the aim to promote talent identification and active involvement in sport of young people from rural areas in Zimbabwe, Sports Redeem donated three sets of soccer kits to Vuronga Secondary School and Dupwi Primary School in Mberengwa, Zimbabwe. 

“A lot of talent has been lost in the pipeline without reaching full capacity and with this initiative, we are trying to make it comfortable for both boys and girls to actively play football,” said Violet Jubane, founder and director of Sports Redeem.

Dupwi Primary School boys posing for photo

Jubane donated soccer kits because she thought her former primary and secondary schools, Dupwi and Vuronga, would benefit from this initiative. Generally young people in rural areas have limited access to opportunities and supporting them with kits would help to boost their confidence and ability to play competitively even if they face their urban counterparts. 

The Vuronga Secondary School headmaster mentioned that one of the challenges that they face in school competitions is that even if they advance to the provincial level, they end up disqualified because they don’t meet minimum requirements to play a football match including football boots. 

The students expressed happiness and were really excited for the football season to start since they now have a well provisioned soccer kit. 

Sports Redeem continues to work on initiatives that promote equality in sports and talent identification in less privileged communities. The sport agency believes that talent is everywhere and by creating equal opportunities, it will help to expose talent no matter where they are located. Since young people spend a lot of time at school, Sports Redeem found it critical to channel resources to schools as it will make a huge impact. The soccer kits handover was witnessed by local heads, councillors, and the chiefs who showed a lot of gratitude towards the initiative.

Individuals or organisations who want to partner with Sports Redeem to uplift sports in Africa are free to contact us.

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