Violet Jubane

Founder and Director

Violet Jubane is a passionate sports manager who has worked almost in her entire career in sports. Violet joined the Zimbabwe Football Association (ZIFA) Central Region eleven years ago and has served football on a full-time basis ever since. She specialises in league management, communications, marketing and development. 

Over the years, Violet deepened her understanding of sports management programs. She attended the FIFA/CIES Executive Programme in Sports Management at Nelson Mandela University, which heightened her understanding of the complexities of sports and its trends. In July 2020, Violet graduated with the FIFA Master – International Master in Management , Law and Humanities of Sport, a prestigious programme which took her to three European countries with thirty one fellow students from all over the world. Currently, Violet is also a FIFA Women’s Football Expert and a Confederation of African Football (CAF) General Coordinator.

Through her career, Violet has gathered knowledge, skills, and a vast network, which is crucial in transforming her ideas into a viable business. She encountered countless clubs and athletes failing to generate enough revenue, which led her to launch Sports Redeem. The company serves as a sports consultancy that aims at promoting sports business and financial sustainability in Africa. Violet believes the African continent can build a sustainable sports ecosystem that can sustain its players and she dedicated her knowledge and experience to bring this dream into life.

Her dream does not end with the financial sustainability of sports organizations.
She also believes that sports can be used as a tool to bring change into society. Violet thinks that every sports project should consider the social impact of sport.


2477 Ascot Infill
Gweru, Zimbabwe